Accessible, Organized, Searchable.



An easily accessible secure library that brings all your digital assets (raw and edited) together in one place.





Have you met P.A.M.?

Welcome to the PENDA Asset Management System where you can Access, Organize and Search your raw video and photo files.



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Simple and Easy

PAM helps small to medium companies get the most out of their assets by organizing them in a way that’s easily searchable and easily accessible. No more hard drives sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Full use of all assets from your own secure library, whether they are raw video files, photos, and more.
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No Confusion

PAM helps large companies avoid duplication of assets by allowing access to all materials in a central library that all employees can access. Any department can have access to the assets you deem usable.
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PAM helps all companies securely share existing assets with the suppliers of their choice for new project like website updates, videos and social media posts.

All your raw digital assets in one place.




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Allow all employees to access an easily searchable library of raw or converted video files and photos. Be able to securely access and share those assets with suppliers who will need them as well.


Take all usable assets, like any raw or converted video files and photos, and organize them in an easily accessible library.

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Avoid duplicating shots. Get the most out of existing assets such as raw or converted video files and photos. Repurpose that existing library footage and stills for new projects like videos, website updates and social media posts.